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Poll Location Tool

BallotReady is a tool with two main components: 1) a volunteer and organization-facing candidate endorsement tool and information provider, and 2) a campaign-facing polling location lookup tool with baked in make a plan language.

Compare, LiveBallot


Tool type: Poll Location Tool
Meant for: Voters, Digital Teams

Problem it tries to solve:

As a voter, how do I know who to vote for, where, when, and what they stand for? As a campaign, how do I get access to polling location data that can otherwise be difficult to track down?

Use case:

Closer to GOTV, a digital team wants to ask folks on their email list to use a make a plan flow to increase their likelihood of voting.

Biggest drawback:

Several campaigns and partner organizations can use the tool in the same place, making the efforts duplicitous without thoughtful coordination.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




Free for voters. Campaign rates vary for the make a plan tool from $1,500 to $10,000 depending on the size of the campaign if if they want to provide the polling location info or if they want BallotReady to provide it.


BallotReady was useful for our campus voter turnout program. We put the link on all of our in-state materials (door and dorm stickies and tabling half-sheets) and organizers loved being able to share useful, detailed info with voters about who was on their ballot, all the way down, and the polling place lookup. Besides names & social links to downballot candidates, the bio info for each candidate was limited (typically just profession & education). I would like to see at least a couple pull-quotes from candidates’ websites, or a little more content per-candidate – but I think there were legal limitations here. The UI of the landing page oddly made it hard to navigate directly to the polling place lookup tool. TL;DR: BallotReady is clutch for voter education and providing an easy-to-use digital slate card.”


“Pro: easy way to get research about candidates, helpful to have online voter guide with lots of info, make a plan to vote to be more prominent
Con/Pain Points: didn’t allow for candidate comparison (c3 vs political campaign work), lots of bugs (never worked on one of my browsers because of cookies), did not know how to get bugs or errors resolved, data pipeline to be easier and streamlined”