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Canvass Tool

Knoq is a canvassing app that optimizes walk routes instead of needing cut turf.


Tool type: Canvass Tool
Meant for: Organizers, Volunteers

Problem it tries to solve:

How do I use volunteer and organizer time more efficiently when knocking doors?

Use case:

An organizer uploads a walk list into Knoq, and a volunteer uses the mobile app to walk the route in the most efficient amount of time.

Biggest drawback:

Knoq pricing is dependent on the number of users which makes it difficult to scale to a volunteer operation where volunteers switch in and out.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




Pricing ranges from $350 (10 users) to $2000 (100 users) per month on most plans. Custom enterprise plans are available as well.


Worked great overall, definitely would use again, not having to cut turf was fantastic, and seeing everything on a map was great. Lack of VAN sync was painful, as it required wrangling CSVs in both directions. We did have some frequent issues where canvassers failed to mark everyone in a household and so knocked again the next day. Hopefully they’ll fix this and a few other bugs we had before the next cycle. Very easy to train volunteers.”