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Relational Organizing Tool

MyRVP is now called Empower. Click here to learn more about it on their website.

This review was last updated February, 2019 and does not reflect the new product updates that have come out since then. Check back soon for an updated review.

MyRVP is a relational organizing tool that allows campaigns to work with their volunteers to run any type of contact list against the voter file, make differing targeted asks, and record the data back in VAN.


Tool type:Relational Organizing Tool
Meant for: Organizers, Volunteers

Problem it tries to solve:

How does a campaign reach targets that are unreachable with the right ask and record the data?

Use case:

A volunteer uploads their church directory into MyRVP and knows who is a persuasion target and who is a GOTV target. They contact their fellow church members and record the data back in VAN.

Biggest drawback:

MyRVP has no social media contacts upload ability.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?

Yes, MyRVP can read lists out of VAN and write survey questions back into VAN.



Costs range from $500 to $3000 per month depending on the size of the campaign.


“Super Great! myRVP is the OG. Working with organizations doing this stuff since 2011, they are the most knowledgeable about the program and how to most effectively maximize your results. The app, both web and mobile applications are great to use and the team involved understands that at the heart of relational organizing is relationships. They know and train the importance of work in the field, and how to build power within communities. They have experience using Relational Organizing in all the aspects of the work, electoral, voter registration, grassroots lobbying, and what’s more, they understand that Relational Organizing is really flexible. They know it will work differently in each organization and within different communities. They can help you build the program that’s right for you.”

“[M]yRVP was very straightforward and efficient for managing RVP in an election cycle. The folks who manage the website were very helpful in getting us up to speed on using it, and were prompt with addressing any issues we had. I could also see the website become more efficient in real time, and the tool continues to improve post-election.”

The Basics: MyRVP is a relational organizing tool that works with organizing programs to systematize volunteers mobilizing, persuading, or recruiting their friends in a VAN-data-friendly way.

User Flow:

  • A user manually types in the names and contact information of their friends into the system, or they can upload a spreadsheet of contacts. From there, MyRVP will attempt to match them to a voter file and ask the volunteer to verify the match. The user will then get a list back with who MyRVP can match to the voter file and what type of target they are.


  • MyRVP works with most data sets. Contacts can be entered via CSV upload or manual entry. Anything from church directories to bowling league lists to a friend’s list in a volunteer’s head can go into the system and be matched to the voter file.

  • It’s volunteer friendly. The interface is straightforward and does not ask for any data permissions from volunteers.

  • It has been through multiple election cycles and studied by the Analyst Institute. The software has proven it can withstand the rigors of GOTV, and multiple studies suggest turnout increases anywhere from 3.9% to 18% in addition to a traditional GOTV program.

  • It can match each person individually to a target universe, rather than at the list level. Many other relational organizing platforms require a list to list match. MyRVP will tell a volunteer which of their individual contacts is a persuasion target, mobilization target, or recruitment target based on the campaign’s modeling.


  • It requires a large organizing team to implement. MyRVP requires some level of manual data entry, recruitment of RVP leaders, and check ins to see if the work is getting done. None of that can be done without organizers working on the ground.

  • The UI needs some updating. It’s not as user-friendly looking as some of the other relational organizing tools, which might be a turn off for some volunteers.

  • It does not have any social media connectivity. It works via csv upload only and does not connect to any social media platform.


  • Costs range from $500 to $3000 per month depending on the size of the campaign.

VAN Sync:

  • MyRVP can read lists out of VAN.

  • MyRVP can write contact data and survey responses back into VAN.

Who we would recommend this tool to:

  • IE Programs or unions. Any kind of program or organization that operates during non-election cycle timelines would benefit from building this kind of data infrastructure.

  • Large organizing programs. It takes a lot of training and data entry to use MyRVP. Large organizing programs that have the resources to devote staff time solely to training and data will be successful with this tool. Smaller programs could struggle to get all the pieces aligned.

Who we wouldn’t recommend this tool to:

  • Out of State programs. While the idea of relational organizing piques the interest of many out of state programs, this tool is optimized to have organizers walk their volunteers through it in person and not for distributed programs.