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Advocacy Tool

NewMode is a suite of advocacy tools that can be purchased a la carte or in one package. The toolsuite is built for legislative advocacy campaigns and includes calling, emailing, letters to the editor, social media and faxing as ways for constituents to reach elected officials.


Tool type: Advocacy
Meant for: Advocacy and/or Legislative Advocacy Organizations

Problem it tries to solve:

How can my supporters reach out to their elected officials about legislation?

Use case:

An advocacy organization is strategizing how to influence their elected officials and engage supporters of their mission to write to said officials. NewMode enables the organization to use different tactics to engage both elected officials and supporters.

Biggest drawback:

NewMode does not have a native texting tool but recently announced an integration with Hustle.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




Tools can be purchased one by one, a la carte, or they can all be used for $529/month