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Canvass Tool

Organizer is a mobile canvass tool that also has turf cutting and analytics functionality.


Tool type: Canvass App
Meant for: Organizers, Volunteers, Organizing Management

Problem it tries to solve:

How do I run a canvass program with minimal data entry?

Use case:

A city council race wants to run a robust field program and uses Organizer to easily track canvasser efficiency and turf.

Biggest drawback:

Since pricing is based on the number of users with the app as opposed to the size of the voter file, Organizer is difficult to scale in a volunteer-based program. 

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




Pricing varies based on the number of volunteers using the platform.

“Organizer has a learning curve and it would have taken too much time for staff and volunteers to onboard and deploy. Additionally, it tended to kill phone batteries quickly, the workflow to launch campaigns was less ideal than other products on the market, and the UI for volunteers was confusing.”