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Petition Track focuses on petition drives, helping to provide reports and metrics for accountability around the canvassers doing that work.

Compare to: Phone2Action, NewMode


Tool type: Other
Meant for: Organizers

Problem it tries to solve:

How can I track the number of signatures gathered and track our progress for our petition drive?

Use case:

Directors of a petition drive campaign need a manageable platform to analyze their progress toward goal on a daily basis for their petition drive.

Biggest drawback:

This particular tool is useful only if collecting signatures for a petition or ballot initiative, not necessarily for electoral organizing. The cost can vary depending on the length of the campaign and the level of engagement expected.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?

Yes, Read & Write (at an additional cost)



The higher the level of signatures your campaign is looking to collect, the higher the cost goes. Additionally, the length of the campaign will affect the cost as well.