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Politechs’ Blocks platform is a CRM with multiple features including list building, phone banking, reporting, maintaining voter registration records, and soft reporting for certain metrics.

Compare toNationBuilder, NGP VAN, CrowdSkout 


Tool type: CRM
Meant for: Organizers, Organizing Teams

Problem it tries to solve:

How can I track all of my Field activity in relation to Voter Registration and Phone Banking?

Use case:

A campaign is running a Voter Registration program with specific metrics for each turf and wants to keep track of which turfs and organizers are turning out the most VR forms. Organizers also can set up their own phone banks to give volunteers access to for volunteer recruitment and voter ID.

Biggest drawback:

Blocks does not have a native canvassing tool, so an additional tool will need to be purchased in addition to Blocks.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?

Yes, write in only.



Cost depends on length of contract, there’s a $2500 initial setup fee, and then cost increases as you use more functions of the platform. Bulk discounts may be available.