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Canvass Tool

Reach is a canvassing, relational organizing, and volunteer management app for both web and mobile that includes everything you need for distributed organizing and team-building in real life and online. Check out Reach’s guide to Reaching during Social Distancing

1. Search and Canvass: Identify and activate anyone you meet online or in real life by searching for them directly in your campaign’s voter file or data set and collecting survey responses, contact info, and tags.

2. Action Feed: One-stop hub with all the most important actions your supporters can take, both in Reach and externally. 

3. Contact Actions & Scripts: Once a user has added contact info for a voter, they can text or email them right from the app using custom template-based scripts and the campaign can keep track of these contact attempts.

4. Live Team Chat: Full-featured chat right in the app and on the web. Organizing, team-building, and communication is now in the same place as voter contact. Stay connected and win together as a team.

5. My Network and History: Revisit past interactions and build your personalized “My Network” list to get Relational Organizing benefits from both pre-existing and brand new relationships. Customize relationship types and let your users assign the right type to every relationship they map.

6. Volunteer Leaderboard and Gamification: Compete with other supporters to rise to the top of the rankings. Pick from a variety of timespans and metrics to track progress. Friendly prompts help you keep your eyes on the prize and go for the gold!

7. Push Notifications: Keep your users in the loop and motivated by composing and sending custom push notifications. You can even schedule notifications to send later and target them to specific groups of users.



Tool type: Canvassing, Volunteer Management, and Relational Organizing Tool
Meant for: Organizers, Volunteers

Problem it tries to solve:

How does my campaign record voter survey responses and contact information when not going door to door, contact voters and follow-up in a way that is personal and meaningful, and keep volunteers engaged and plugged-in? 

Use case:

I am a volunteer who wants to help with a campaign. I get added to their Reach campaign and now I can chat and organize with the team, learn about important actions to take online, identify my friends and family in the voter file, search for new people I meet in real life or while “digital crowd canvassing” online, and text or emails voters right from the app.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?

Yes – read and write. 



Rates vary depending on the size of the voter file that is uploaded into the tool, and for most people this will range from free to $3,000 per month.