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Canvass Tool

RegTrak is a tool to help track and manage voter registration drives that provides robust reporting on canvasser/organizer metrics.

Compare to:  Organizer, NGP VAN 


Tool type: Canvass Tool
Meant for: Organizers, Volunteers

Problem it tries to solve:

How can I ensure my paid and volunteer canvassers are held accountable for their work?

Use case:

Regional Field Directors need an easy way to track daily reports of VR done by their Organizers and staff. Organizers need an easy platform for VR data entry and to report when VR packets have been delivered.

Biggest drawback:

The cost can make the tool out of reach for some campaigns. In addition, if you decide to upload copies of VR forms to your database, your office will need to have a scanner (which campaign offices don’t always have).

Does it sync to NGP VAN?

Yes, Read & Write (at an additional cost)



Cost can range widely depending on the level of engagement your team is expecting. The higher the number of voters you’re looking to register, the higher the cost.