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Revere is an advocacy platform built by Revolution Messaging, a progressive digital agency. Revere Calling and Revere Mobile are two tools meant for legislative advocacy efforts, connecting constituents to elected officials or other targets. Revere Mobile is an MMS broadcasting text platform that enables groups to collect text supporters and broadcast messages.


Tool type: Advocacy Tool, Mass SMS
Meant for: Digital & Communications teams

Problem it tries to solve:

How can I mobilize my supporters to take action for legislation being considered?

Use case:

1) An advocacy organization needs the capability to send its members MMS messages to activate them to take action and make it as easy as possible to then connect with their lawmakers. 2) An electoral campaign chooses an evergreen keyword to publish during their campaign to build their text list, i.e. text “CANDIDATE” to 54321.

Biggest drawback:

The Revere toolset is primarily meant for legislative advocacy, not necessarily for electoral campaigns. Depending on the services purchases, the cost can be prohibitive for smaller campaigns.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




Pricing depends on the level of services provided and if additional services are requested. The smallest packages start at $750/month while larger packages are over $1000/month