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Call Tool

TTHM is a platform that enables candidates or elected officials to reach voters/constituents via telephone in public telephone town halls.

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Tool type: Call Tool
Meant for: Smaller campaigns, Communications Teams

Problem it tries to solve:

How can I reach hundreds/thousands of potential voters at the same time in a personalized way?

Use case:

A candidate wants to speak with voters directly but cannot do it in person. TTHM enables town halls to occur over the phone: voters can submit questions and potentially talk directly with candidates/elected officials.

Biggest drawback:

Teletown halls are received with mixed results from voters. TTHM can only call landlines and will only engage with cell numbers if they’ve indicated they would like to be called. TTHM does have a peer-to-peer texting component but controls it and doesn’t allow campaign staff to access it.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




Cost is based on the number of connections made during the town hall (both people who answer and the number of voicemails left) and includes a certain number of minutes per call.