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ThruTalk is a dialer that can legally call all phones (including cell phones) at predictive dialer speeds. Since 2018, ThruTalk has helped over 300 organizations make over 70 million calls.

Compare to: ThruTalk shares surface level similarities with predictive dialers but ThruTalk can call cell phones fast — and predictive dialers legally can’t call cell phones at all. Additionally, despite being easy to use like a click to dial or virtual phone banking manual system, ThruTalk is much faster than power dialers (up to 5x faster) and manual dialing (up to 10x faster).


Tool type: Call Tool
Meant for: Organizers, Volunteers

Problem it tries to solve:

Over 57% of Americans only use a cell phone, and the rates are even higher in marginalized communities. Old fashioned predictive dialers can’t legally call cell phones and manual/preview dialing is too slow and inefficient for a modern campaign with big outreach goals.

ThruTalk empowers your callers to make lots of calls, no matter the phone type, and have real conversations in a user friendly way.

Use case:

A campaign has a large list of voters and supporters to call for GOTV. The campaign has callers in the office, calling from home, and calling from phonebanks across the district. ThruTalk lets the campaign call their GOTV entire universe, including the cell phones, in a fraction of the time they were expecting using many less volunteers than they had estimated. The campaign sends the newly freed up volunteers out on high priority doors and wins a close election by a handful of votes.

Biggest drawback:

ThruTalk requires you to have callers available to take calls and gets faster with more callers. Unlike a P2P texting tool like ThruText that is just as efficient with 1 or 100 people, campaigns must organize callers to call at the same time to see peak speed and efficiency.

Does it sync to NGP VAN?

Yes! ThruTalk syncs canvass results, survey question answers, and activist codes back to VAN nightly.



Onetime $100 setup fee then 5.5 cents a dial, no matter the outcome or the conversation length. No monthly costs. No minimums. No additional charges. Easy to estimate and budget. Bulk, Prepay, and package discounts up to 35% off.