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Relational Organizing Tool

VoteWithMe is a native mobile app that downloads your contacts, tells you who is eligible to vote in an upcoming election, and allows you to text them to remind them to vote.

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Tool type: Relational Organizing Tool
Meant for: Volunteers

Problem it tries to solve:

With all the different elections coming up, how do I remind my friends to vote?

Use case:

A volunteer in California downloads the app and texts their friends in GA-6 to vote in the special election.

Biggest drawback:

At the moment, the only asks to make on VoteWithMe are voting asks. In order for a campaign to use this tool at scale, it would need the capability to make specific event-based volunteer recruitment asks, and more importantly record these responses in a VAN-friendly way. 

Does it sync to NGP VAN?




The app is free for anyone to use!


Pros: fun, good UI, free, voter file match did better than most, easy to get people excited about using.

Con/pain point: download link did not work well and did not track people/users, voter file match was not always ideal, default message was robot like and could not be changed/edited, we did not get the data for it to follow up or see if people are actually sending their messages after downloading the app, it’s a gotv tool and would be great to talk about using it for advocacy or voter reg or other applications.”

I LOVE VoteWithMe! It’s by far my favorite relational voter tool (vs MyRVP, OutVote). Easy to get up and running, two clicks to send voter contact to your friends, and the volunteer experience is really positive. Getting people to use it was another story — most of the adoption came from friends tells friends “hey, this is cool, you can look-up your friends’ voting history,” which was dope but hard to track (they usually didn’t use our download link). We tried using it as a Relay vol-yes ask, which only panned into a few downloads, and it’s typically a one-time volunteer action. The voter file match was great — pretty accurate, asked for confirmation, allowed you to look up someone with a full name, and allowed texting without a match). Moving forward, I’d like to have VoteWithMe days-of-action integrated with big field programs.”